Learning to Thrive

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious but there are unhealthy and healthy ways of approaching it. So much of ambition addiction boils down to how any of us define success. And often, the word ‘failure’ can come up as the opposite to success. The heaviness of the word ‘failure’ can feel palpably negative. If I look back I can think of:

- Ways I'd like to have done things differently

- Times I still cringe about how I handled situations

- The tizz I got myself in worrying about something.

I might cringe, but the word ‘failure’ doesn’t occur to me.

The language we use is so important. It’s all about re-framing how you think about things & getting into a positive mindset.

For example, when I left the corporate world & started managing cafes to support my studies, I was throwing myself into a world of experts. They could take an order in their heads & look after half a room of people. I’d be struggling to get my one order in right, and still forget something really simple. I stuck with the mantra of Be honest in your endeavours’, admitting to all my mistakes as I got through the day. I’d somehow end up laughing with the customer I was serving as we’d turn their experience around and connecting with my colleagues as we cringed, laughed or just shared the experiences of the day.

Confidence is the willingness to try. Give it a go. At the very least it’ll be a funny story.

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